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JUNK ROD CONCEPT: to create a hot rod today using the same “scrounge mentality” of the pioneer hot-rodders of the 1950s (i.e., built a vehicle on those 20-something-year-old / cheap / easy-to-find / just-lying-around vehicles -- in 1952 it was a 1932 Ford, and today it’s vehicles like the ubiquitous Chevy S-10). In other words, to build a street rod from a HUNK OF JUNK.

Starting Point: 1982 Chevy S-10 Pickup
Engine/Tranny: 2.8L V-6 w/a 4-speed (stock GM)
Go-fast stuff: Flowmaster® w/dual pipes, K&N Filter, lowered 3" F & R + HD springs/sway bars, 4 pt. frame-mounted roll-bar w/seat belt anchors, wheelbase shortened to 100” (originally a longbed: 117.9” wb).
Body mods:
Top removed (fiberglass lift-off top fitted and surf-board rack installed), front fenders and hood removed, CJ-5 Jeep® nose ($85 from a salvage yard), trailer rear fenders and tail lights, and aluminum C-beam bumpers.
Interior mods: Bucket seats (vinyl) out of a 1986 S-10 Blazer, “rope-wrap” steering wheel off an 80’s Camaro, and Army-surplus ammo-can center console.
Wheels: “Cadillac” wire wheels on front ($20/ea. from a Pick-Your-Part junk yard), and Keystone® ‘mini-lite’ mag wheels on rear ($30/ea. from a junk yard, repainted gold).
Other: Relocated battery ($20 used battery from Interstate) and gas tank, new radiator w/electric fan, “Contractor box” (Tuff Box® from Home Depot) trunk, and...it passes CA smog no problem.
Comments: It handles like a go-cart and the engine makes a great sound.

Owner: Daniel Caroselli
Angeles Heights, California


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